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Original artwork of Joana Santamans

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  • Watercolors

    Original work painted with the technique of watercolor, paper holder "fine art Hahnemühle" pressed cotton of 350 g.

    have to confess that I am a lover of life. Being able his work is a gift for me. I feel like a naturalist who goes out to take notes, to observe and to study. I try to make a song to the beauty and the mystery of some of the species that surround us, that share with us this "great and terrible world", as the lama of Kipling said.

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  • Oil on wood

    Collection "120 x 120 oil on wood".

    Original paintings. Oil technique with two layers of varnish. Pine wood support. Size 120cm x 120cm x 4cm depth.

    The animals represented in this project have always been connected with the man, but the artist has reflected the wild side that they still preserve.

    Joana sees in the eyes of the animals an infinite emptiness full of meaning. They live a different, present and total time. With its brushstrokes it is lost in the coat as if it were a landscape.

    As Lara Vidal Santorum, curator of Space Guinovart said, these bugs have cosmopolitan air. They are like their creator: they come from nature but they connect with the urban rhythm, a balanced symbiosis.

    "Animals are an excuse for me to work and advance in my path as a painter. When the Guinovart Foundation invited me to exhibit at its headquarters in Agramunt was the perfect occasion to realize this series that I now present in Barcelona. These are oil paintings on wood, large format (120x120).

    The gallery Miscelanea has a special meaning for me because it has been the first point of diffusion of my work and to expose this collection represents how to close a cycle. For this occasion I have made a new piece that has not been exposed before.

    Wood is one of my favorite stands. I have played with the sinuous forms of the pine streaks to the rhythm of the music that always accompanies me when I paint. Painting is for me how to do meditation. "

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  • Acrylic

    Original work painted with mixed technique on a 3 cm wooden stand or paper.

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  • Framed originals
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Showing 13 - 24 of 36 items